What would normally be considered a personal injury claim?

If for example, you have been involved in an automobile accident, you can file a negligence claim against the driver for disregarding his duty to drive carefully. Under personal injury law, you have the right to damages recovery. Negligence is not only limited to car accidents; it also includes medical malpractice.

Apart from negligence, what else could be considered a basis for personal injury?

The law has strict liability: this is where manufacturers and designers are held strictly accountable for injuries caused by defective products.

Then you have intentional wrongs: this is a personal injury claim if someone hit you intentionally, even as a prank; or if a private investigator wrongly accuses of shoplifting, you could bring up charges for false imprisonment.

What does a lawsuit entail?

It makes you the plaintiff and the person responsible for the injury, the defendant. Lawyers for both sides (as well as for the insurer) start gathering all the necessary information; this procedure is called discovery. After discovery, your attorney will now work towards a proper settlement.

What happens if I win the case?

You will be awarded money, referred to as damages, for the injuries incurred. This could involve compensation for medical bill expenses as well as lost wages, even going as far as compensating for possible wage losses in the future.

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